With the release of the updated GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature, Winstone Wallboards aims to help reduce confusion in the market about fire rated systems and provide good guidance on issues that commonly come up when dealing with fire.

GIB30 Fire Systems Book 5AW11_ Cover

The GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature is already a core resource for the design and detailing of fire rated systems within New Zealand.

This update has largely focused on simplifying and clarifying information, systems and details to make it easier for both designers and installers to correctly and quickly utilise the information within the GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature. In addition, reducing costs of fire systems and detailing has also been a key focus, leading to many of the new systems, underscoring our commitment to lowest total cost systems.

The literature update adds a range of new tested GIB® systems including the inclusion of 10-minute smoke separation walls, and timber and steel systems offering FRRs of between 30 minutes and 180 minutes.

In addition to a wider range of systems, Winstone Wallboards has released a new product: GIB Fire Soundseal®. GIB Fire Soundseal® is a single component, non-sag, acrylic based interior sealant for use where specified.

Additional or clarified guidance has been included on NLB steel stud heights, top-down fire exposure design, and use of metal components within suspended ceiling grid systems. Many junction details have been clarified or added, including new deflection head details.

The GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature is available for download from the GIB® website. Copies of the literature can also be requested through gib.co.nz

New GIB® Fire Soundseal®


GIB Fire Soundseal® has all the benefits of GIB Soundseal® plus it’s suited for fire.

The features of GIB Fire Soundseal® include;

  • Fire and smoke resistant
  • Maintains the performance of GIB Noise Control® System
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Low VOC
  • Non-staining and easily paintable
  • Easy to apply

GIB Fire Soundseal® is available on both sausage and cartridge, and the sealant has a light red tint, so it is easily identified once applied.

Winstone Wallboards are offering the new product with its additional features and benefits at the same price as GIB Soundseal®. We’re sure customers will appreciate the free upgrade.


For further information go to gib. co.nz/gib-fire-soundseal/ or call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442.