Framing Timber Solutions for Auckland

When it comes to building a new home there are many factors to think about. One of the most important things is creating a strong skeleton to support the house – that is, a strong frame for the house.

At Dysart Timbers, we supply top-quality framing timber in a wide range of sizes to help you create timber frames for your Auckland home’s walls, floor, and roof.

Our Timber Framing Products

Dysart’s framing timber supplies come in sizes ranging from 75 x 50 cm to 300 x 50. This wide range of sizes makes it easy to construct a variety of shapes to suit your design. Other features of our timber framing are:

  • Available with H1 treatment for dry indoor areas and H3 for wet areas indoors and outdoors.
  • Precisely machine cut for the best results.
  • All framing timber supplies are kiln dried to avoid shrinking on site or after construction.

More about Timber House Framing

House framing is a complex subject. The better you understand it, the better equipped you’ll be to make the best choice for your project. We’ve supplied some additional information to familiarise you with the topic.

What is a Timber Frame?

Timber is the most commonly used material for building new house frames in Auckland. Timber framed houses are usually built using radiata pine; however, a number of other species are also commonly used.

The timber used for framing must be quite dry, as timber with high moisture content has a tendency to shrink and warp. That’s why Dysart kiln-dries our house framing timber before making it available. Our timber is also treated with chemicals to improve its resistance to pests and rot.

Why Timber Framing?

Timber frames are partly popular simply because they are so common – builders and architects are familiar with them and so they use them. For this reason, timber house framing is often the easiest option.

Aside from this, timber is simply an excellent building material:

  • Timber is cheap, light, and strong
  • Timber requires minimal labour to install
  • Working with timber is faster than other material

How Are Timber Frames Constructed?

Planks of timber (known as studs) are attached at a perpendicular angle to other pieces of timber that lie across their tops and bottoms (wall plates). A strong but flexible material (such as plywood or oriented strand board) is then attached to the studs on their external side. This sheath helps to give the frame structural stability.

Struts fitted diagonally between studs will also enhance the strength of the building. This arrangement of studs, plates, sheath and struts is constructed lying flat on the ground. Once the house’s foundations are prepared, the frame is erected and fixed into place. From this point, the pre-nailed roof trusses and roof rafters are attached.

Get in Touch

If you are building a new home in Auckland and want an affordable, reliable house framing solution, get in touch with Dysart to discuss our timber framing products. You can call us on 09 521-3609 or enquire online.