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Dysart ITM supplies timber as well as pre-nailed frames and trusses, we are also a one stop shop for all your building material needs. We stock boards, power tools, home insulation, glues and sealants, nails and screws, cement, and hardware galore.

Construction jobs are a lot of work. Whether you’re renovating, building a patio, deck, or a new home, there are a lot of different products that you will require to complete your job. Dysarst ensures that we stock quality products suited for New Zealand building conditions. We are also able to source a large range of specialty products if you can’t see what you are after we can order it in for you.

Our Building Materials

The construction products we stock include:

  • Board products – Dysart supplies plasterboard for lining the walls of your house, including standard, aqualine, noiseline, braceline and fyreline versions. We also stock plywood in a range of sizes, as well as floorboards.
  • Tools – Our great selection includes Stanley max levels and tapes, Estwing hammers and wrecking bars, Fisco squares and rulers, and other high quality tools to help you get the job done right.
  • Hardware – We supply Gangnail and Lumberlok brackets and nail plates, as well as a comprehensive range of Paslode gun nails and loose nails in various steels.
  • Home Insulation – Including both Pink Batts, glass wool insulation and Expol underfloor polystyrene insulation to help make your new or existing home energy efficient.
  • Aggregates and Cement – All our aggregates come in bulk or bagged and include Gap 40, Gap 10, 25/7 Scoria, sand, and also builder’s mix. Pre-mixed bags of Handicrete, mortar mix, cement, and more are on hand.

A wide range of architrave and skirting mouldings are stocked in our dry shed such as bullnose and single bevelled. These go along the bottom and top of your internal walls to break up a room from looking like a square box. As there are hundreds of different styles we welcome customers to bring in a sample or drawing that we can match up with our suppliers catalogues and find the product you are after.


Dysart’s are proud suppliers of GIB board products. We stock 10mm standard, Aqualine, Braceline / Noiseline and Fyreline sheets. Plasterboard is used to internally line the walls of a house and each one has a specific purpose as listed below.

Standard – An economical lining for general use.

Aqualine – For use in wet areas

Brace/Noiseline – For walls that require extra bracing or noise reducing.

Fyreline – High performance fire resistance board.

Each board comes in a range of sizes. For more information check out the Gib website


All ply we stock is structural and is H3.2 treated or non-treated. We have thicknesses ranging from 7mm up to 21mm, if you are looking for a different size just call and we will source it for you!


We stock Strandfloor in a range of sizes and it is either H3.1 treated or non-treated. These boards are used as the floor of a house.

We stock a quality range of hand tools including Stanley Max Levels and Tapes, Estwing Hammers and Wrecking Bars, Fisco Squares and Rulers and many other well known builders brands.We are also stockists of Makita,& DeWalt.

Dysart ITM aim to provide a selection of quality tools rather than cheaper versions providing our customers with the confidence that they have the right tools to do the job at a high standard as well as tools that will last.

Dysart ITM stock market leading brands such as Gangnail and Lumberlok brackets and nail plates . Also a comprehensive range of Paslode nails in S/S, galvanised and bright steel. General fastenings from loose nails, screws, wedge anchors to screw bolts are available in stainless steel, galvanised and zinc.

Dysart ITM are proud stockists of Pink Batts insulation. Pink Batts is an insulating material made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glass wool. It is recognisable by its pink colour. We stock a wide range of wall and ceiling Pink Batts with varying ‘R-ratings’ (thermal resistance). For a free quote bring in your house plans and we can advise on what “r rating” to use based on your requirements and budget.Alternatively you could choose to use Expol UnderFloor Insulation. Expol UnderFloor Insulation is a polystyrene panel that fits between most standard floor joists. All of the panels are 1200mm long, 60mm thick and come in the following widths, 360mm, 410mm, 470mm, or 560mm. Expol is backed by a BRANZ 50 year limited warranty.

We stock a range of aggregates listed below in bulk as well as bagged.

Gap 40, Gap 10, 25/7 Scoria, Sand and also Builders mix.

We also have a range of pre mixed bags.

Fast setting Handicrete, general purpose Handicrete, Mortar Mix and also Cement.

Although we do not stock any bathroom products it is easy to go on line or into a showroom pick out what you like then ask Dysarts to quote for you. Then all we need to do is confirm what you want and order it into store.

The bathroom brands we deal with are……..

Dysart ITM has access to kitchen products from Parmco Appliances, check them out online or visit their showroom at 519 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington. Choose which products you like then give us a call for a quote.

Equipment Hire

Dysarts also hires out concrete mixers, steel cutter benders, and trailers to help with your project.

For your one stop building materials shop in Auckland, look no further than Dysart ITM. Call us on 09 521-3609 or enquire online.