DIY Supplies and Information

There is a thriving DIY community in New Zealand. As timber supplies and building materials suppliers, Dysart ITM is here to help. As well as the best products and services, we also provide online do-it-yourself guides and expert advice. Whether you want to rig up a new deck, put up a fence, or even build your own home, it’s achievable with Dysart.

Our DIY Guides

Dysart ITM has put together three handy online guides for some of the most popular DIY projects: fencing, decking, and retaining walls. Our expertise, as building materials suppliers makes these guides invaluable.

Our Timber Fence Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build a great fence for yourself. From the best timber supplies to use to different fence types, this is your complete guide to DIY fence building.

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Our Guide to Building a Deck

Dysart’s guide to building a deck is one of our most popular – everyone wants a deck in a city this beautiful! This guide will help you understand the best decking timber to use in Auckland as well as providing invaluable insights into pre-build planning, the correct way to lay out your site, and all the steps necessary for building a safe, quality deck.

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Retaining Wall Guide

A good retaining wall can serve a wide range of functions, both practical and aesthetic. With our guide, you’ll have yours up in no time. Just follow our advice on building materials, tools, and the steps you need to take.

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