Pre-Made Framing Timber Products

Dysart ITM is well-known in New Zealand’s building industry for the quality of our pre-made framing timber products such as trusses and house frames. Simply bring in your new house plans or renovation plans to us and one of our experienced draughtsmen will provide a quote for the materials you need.  Our skilled team will then construct your trusses and other timber with pinpoint precision.

FTMA Certified Team

Dysart is committed to quality and never cuts corners with your frames and trusses; we use only the best timber, techniques, and equipment.

Through our membership with the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of New Zealand (FTMA), we work to ensure that the whole industry commits to offering the best possible timber framing services.

Why Choose Our Framing Timber?

Putting together trusses, frames, and other housing timber requires the highest possible levels of accuracy. Dysart eliminates potential problems with our pre-made framing timber products – they arrive at your site when you need them, pre-nailed and perfectly constructed.

Our Products

Roof Trusses

The advantages of pre-nailed timber roof trusses include ease of installation, lower costs, and widespread acceptance by building authorities and certifying engineers.

Floor Trusses

Pre-nailed floor trusses are ideal for shallower trusses. They use diagonal lightweight metal webs – instead of traditional timber webs – to allow more room for plumbing.

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