Timber Retaining Wall Supplies

Retaining walls are a simple but powerful way to transform your yard or garden. They hold back and retain soil, allowing for the creation of many yard features, such as sturdy garden beds and pool walls in sloping yards. Dysart Timbers can supply and deliver everything you need to create your own timber retaining wall.

Why Timber Retaining Walls Are So Popular

Timber retaining walls are popular in Auckland for a number of reasons:

  • Timber is a natural product and our products are sustainably sourced.
  • A timber wall is very affordable compared to other building materials.
  • Treated timber will last a very long time.
  • A wooden retaining wall has great aesthetic value, blending beautifully with any garden, courtyard, or other outdoor feature.
  • Timber retaining walls are easy and quick to install – perfect for DIY.
  • Wood can be painted to suit your yard decor or changing tastes.
  • Treated timber is resistant to moisture, termites and rotting issues.

Our Timber Retaining Wall Products

Dysart has a great range of products made from the best wood for your retaining wall. This ranges from affordable, rough-hewn boards to finely machined, smooth timber walls.

Arris Edge Timber Boards

If you want a timber retaining wall with a smooth, premium look, our arris-edge boards are a must. They are machined on both faces to produce a smooth finish and all 4 edges have an arris on them – when joined together, they create a very visually pleasing retaining wall.

The timber is H4 treated for durability, weather resistance, and pest resistance and each board is 150 x 50 cm.

Tongue and Groove Boards

Our tongue and groove boards are very easy to install and look great in any outdoor setting. Each board features a tongue on one side and a groove on the other so they can fit together easily and securely. They are also machined to create a minimal groove surface, providing a clean and visually pleasing appearance.

The timber in our tongue and groove boards is H4 treated for durability, weather resistance, and pest resistance and each board is 150 x 50 cm.

Rough Sawn Retaining Wall Boards

For those looking to save on costs or who just prefer a more rustic look and feel, out rough sawn boards are perfect. These boards have not been machine smoothed and retain visual signs of sawing – these imperfections lower the upfront cost and can actually increase the appeal if a rough and ready look suits your style.

The timber in our rough sawn boards is H4 treated for durability, weather resistance, and pest resistance and comes in either 150 x 50 cm or 200 x 50 cm.

A DIY Dream

Building a timber retaining wall is actually quite easy, making DIY installation a great option. Dysart can even provide the tools you’ll need to get the job done – just make sure you remember to stay safe while working.

Get in Touch

If you want advice on the best wood for your retaining wall, some DIY advice, or a quote on our timber wall building materials in Auckland, get in touch today. You can call Dysart Timbers on 09 521-3609 or enquire online.