Wooden house trusses against a blue sky

Building a house might be much more an art than a science, but it still requires exact precision.  Today we’re going to look at the use of pre-nailed trusses in building your house, explaining why they’re essential for precise property success.

Near Enough Isn’t Nearly Enough

When it comes to putting together trusses for your new home’s roof or frame, ‘near enough’ is simply unacceptable. Trying to nail trusses on an active work site is fraught with potential problems that could lead to rushed work and compromised construction. Premade framing timber trusses that arrive at your site when you need them eliminate this problem. As well as a better finished product, you’ll also save on stress, money, time, and labour.

Trusses You Can Trust

Using pre-nailed framing timber will save you time and money, but only if you find a company you can trust. The offsite company you choose should perform careful, professional work and give their full attention to construction.

Here at Dysart, we work to maintain our reputation of high-quality pre-nailed trusses and other timber supplies. Our products are known to be long-lasting and constructed with pinpoint accuracy, meaning our trusses will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for an offsite company you can trust with your trusses, look no further than our team.

Types of Pre-Made Framing

There are various types of pre-nailed structures for different purposes, they are:

Pre-Made Claw Beams

These engineered timber beams use commonly available timber sizes which are mechanically joined to make larger sections for long spans.

Flitch Beams

Flitch beams provide the benefits of structural steel beams without the hassle of specialised packaging and fixing systems.

Roof Trusses

The advantages of pre-nailed timber roof trusses include ease of installation, lower costs, and widespread acceptance by building authorities and certifying engineers. They have been used regularly in New Zealand building construction for more than 50 years.

Longreach Trusses

Longreach Trusses use nail-plated, all-timber trusses of any depth to create a premium framing product. These trusses are usually 300mm deep for residential floors but range up to 400mm deep for commercial flooring.

Floor Trusses

Pre-nailed floor trusses are ideal for shallower trusses. They use diagonal lightweight metal webs – instead of traditional timber webs – to allow more room for plumbing.

Accept Only the Best

Whichever type of pre-nailed trusses you need, make sure you only use experienced and certified building materials suppliers. Trusses will form an essential part of your new home, and for that, you should accept the best.

To learn more about Dysart’s pre-nailed trusses, simply contact us today.