A large tree in an old growth forest

The combination of climate change and deforestation is one of the greatest challenges of the modern age. From politicians to scientists, everyone is looking for the best solution, but the truth is, this is a actually global issue.

That’s why – when it comes to your next building project – it’s important to consider sustainable timber as your material of choice.

Deforestation and Climate Change

When fighting climate change, there is so much focus on what we need to be cutting down on –but there is less talk about what we need to increase. Trees are one thing we can’t have too many of right now. Trees and forests are powerful, highly efficient carbon reduction engines, reabsorbing carbon dioxide and processing it into oxygen.

The Extinction Problem

Another huge environmental problem caused by deforestation is the loss of habitats and ecosystems, contributing to the mass extinctions of many species. Old growth forests and rainforests are home to many unique ecosystems and species, and when these environments are disrupted, the species have nowhere to go.

With 36 football field’s worth of trees lost every minute, the time to act is now.

Sourcing Sustainable Timber Can Help

Finding ways to source timber sustainably is a key part of protecting our environment, and something we here at Dysart care about deeply. Sustainable timber fights climate change on two fronts. By replacing trees cut down for timber, sustainable practices help slow the loss trees that absorb carbon dioxide.

At the same time, by maintaining independent sources for timber, sustainable practices reduce the pressure on carbon sequestration powerhouses like rainforests and primeval forest.

Some Sustainable Hardwood Species

Many species of trees useful for timber supplies are now grown sustainably. Hardwoods are particularly good because they are long lasting, meaning they need to be harvested less often and are thus are easier to grow.

White Ash

White Ash is a sustainably grown hardwood that lives up to its name, being used in basketball stadiums, white-water rafts, and sledgehammer handles amongst other things. This timber is also perfect for crafting durable, long-lasting furniture.

Black Cherry Wood

Black cherry is a lustrous and sustainably harvested timber that has been popular for furniture due to its strength, ease of use, and beautiful colours. Black cherry is also a useful timber for cabinets, flooring, panelling, doors, and trim.


Mahogany is one of the most remarkable woods produced sustainably. With a fine texture and stunning colours, mahogany has long been a favourite wood for building fine furniture. But it is also hardy enough for outdoor uses such as decking or even for industrial applications.


Vitex timber is sustainably harvested by indigenous groups in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. This has the twin benefits of helping the environment and supporting indigenous economies. Vitex is great for decking timber and other outdoor and indoor constructions.

Treated Pine

Treated radiata pine is incredibly durable and long lasting – outperforming even some of the best hardwood competition. Treated pine is perfect for all kinds of outdoor and indoor uses.

When Dysart Timbers joined with the ITM Group in 2006, we reinforced our commitment to sustainably sourced building materials. To learn more about how we can help you, contact Dysart ITM today.